As we look around, life feels like nothing makes any sense anymore!

I recently watched an interview and it blew me away and I wanted to share with you!

This video is a conversation about family, marriage, the state of young and old people, education, and our future in general!

I truly believe there are forces that are trying to change and deconstruct the fundamental elements of what it means to be happy thriving human and a healthy, functional, successful, and productive society!!

So, if you care about any of that… this is a great video to watch!!

But first … EQ to the RESCUE 🦸‍♀️

Where’s there’s a WILL there’s a WAY!

1. IT IS VITAL TO REMEMBER WHO WE ALL ARE – SPIRITUAL BEING ON A HUMAN JOURNEY!! This is EARTH SCHOOL 🌎. We came here to learn, connect, overcome, forgive, play, experience this crazy thing called LIFE! When we learn to connect to our intuition and follow it, it’s the best GPS we can ever have! Our level of CRAZY and the WORLD will appreciate it!

2. WE MUST CHOOSE HUMAN CONNECTION AND INTERACTION OVER MACHINES AND AI. This is Vital for our emotional, physical, and spiritual health! 🙌 THEY KNOW THIS!!!

3. WE MUST LEARN TO THINK CRITICALLY, ask questions, don’t just follow the herd or what you are being told in the main stream media or social media, unless its something you’ve checked and compared with unbiased sources! The best way you know if information is good, is by the message looking to unite, Not separate!! Anything that causes SEPARATION, HATE, CHAOS, PAIN, DRAMA, these are RED FLAGS 🚩that something is wrong!!!❌

4. PRACTICE BEING A GOOD HEARTED PERSON!! It doesn’t mean be a door mate! It means that if you are focused on caring and sharing and making the world a better place for yourself and others you will understand how to find that balance of when to say yes or no, and you’ll be able to determine if something is in the best interest of everyone involved!! 💥

5. DUTY OVER COMFORT!! Many times we want things easy, we want things comfortable, we get lazy and just don’t care about this or that, we just want to do it with as little effort as possible!! This is HARMFUL! DEBILITATING! WEAKENING on so many levels, so don’t be afraid to take on challenges, you will be proud you did!!!💪

I wish you all the best!! 🙌

Let’s keep up the good work in managing the CRAZY!!

We are closer than we think!! 🥳