The ASS Protocol
(Awareness, Strategy, Serenity)

 Wake Your ASS Up!

As we learned previously, we want to go from being reactive crazy 🤬 to proactive crazy 🤣! Part of that journey is having the desire to work through any unresolved emotional blocks and trauma that could keep you sick or stuck!

Learning to grow your EQ muscles will help you better at RMYLC, which will move you out of the RC and into the PC, which is part of the healing process. It is the progress of neuroplasticity, aka rewiring our brain. The more you create new patterns for your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, the more you are rewiring the brain and creating the life you truly desire!

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you with this daily struggle. Use this tool independently or in conjunction with the other tools found on this website anytime you feel stressed, frustrated, or just need a solution to a problem. The more you can wake your ASS up, the more fulfilling and wonderful your life will become!

Practice makes perfect!

Step 1: Awareness

This is where you consciously observe your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors getting yourself back into balance and harmony after getting triggered! This is where you create the space for new results and possibilities, going from reactive crazy to proactive crazy.

1. Stop   all negative reactions and behaviors!

2. Breathe 😤  and count one, two, three, and so on until you have calmed  yourself down and your negative emotions have settled!

3. Scan 🤔  your thoughts and feelings, then observe and identify what caused the emotional trigger and upset. Scan your body for any uncomfortable or painful sensations.

4. Release 🥳  these sensations through the breath. Breathe out negativity; and breathe in peace, light, etc. Continue until you are no longer charged.

5. Defuse 🏃‍♀️🚶‍♂️ engage in a calming activity (meditation, reading, exercise, etc.)  for a minimum of thirty minutes or more to restore internal balance and harmony.

Step 2: Strategy

This is where you create an effective strategy on how to handle the situation and where you decide if you want to continue creating more negativity or positivity for yourself and others!

1. Decide   “Do I want to experience long-term fulfillment or short-term  indulgence?” What will create a win-win solution for all parties involved?

2. Listen closely 👂 for new solutions and ideas entering your mind so you can create the best resolution for this situation.

3. Wait to respond ⏳  until you are no longer emotionally charged. If you still feel triggered, repeat Step 1 until you no longer feel charged.

4. Respond accordingly 🎯  based on the resolution you chose.

Step 3: Serenity

This is where you give gratitude for the crazy! Trusting it is another brilliant life lesson presenting growth and transformation for your highest good!

1. Prayer and meditation of gratitude 🙏.  Trusting you are creating good karma for you and others when responding with a proactive mindset.

2. Affirm 🙌, “Life is always working in my favor and for the highest good of all!”


Let’s recap: If you don’t want to be an ass, wake your ASS upUse The ASS Protocol anytime you feel stressed, confused, or just lost with what to do next and create success for yourself and others!