Recently, while spending time with a friend we got into the conversation of, can we really “solve all these worldly problems and create peace on earth?” 🙄

It reminded me of a section in my upcoming book 📖 where I discuss this and the importance of how to become “More Content” with the world! 🌍

Here’s a few lines from that chapter–

“1. Contentment is actually the result of being grateful, like in this quote; “Happy people aren’t happy because they have stuff, they have stuff because they are happy” 🤣

2. When you are grateful, you can achieve authentic contentment. It’s an inside job! If you want to feel contentment, you MUST become content! 😎

3. Contentment is accepting the world as it is 🤷‍♀️ and your part in it! Participate fully in making it a better place than how you found it!

4. It’s up to each of us to monitor and regulate our own Level Of CRAZY. When that becomes our ultimate life’s purpose, the results will be Endless Contentment!😎

The thing is, none of us really know if we can actually complete the job and bring ultimate peace and harmony to this world, or if it was ever even intended to be that way, but I do believe each of us has a role to play in this game called LIFE and it’s up to us to do our part as best we can while we are here!!

Have a great day my friends, and let’s all keep trucking along one day at a time!! 😘