The past few days have been tough both physically and emotionally because this change of life transition is not for the faint hearted!

Given I’m the EQ Diva… and I’m all about taking personal responsibility for everything in my life there’s no exception when it comes to perimenopause!

EQ to the Rescue 🦸<

1. Am I really doing everything I can to optimize my health so that these perimenopausal symptoms are lessened?

– proper nutrition
– sleep
– exercise

2. Am I working on my mindset so I can create this next best version of myself?

– meditation
– visualizations
– affirmations

3. Am I practicing gratitude daily so my energy can stay in a higher frequency?

The honest answer is NO!! So how can I expect to feel optimal during this very difficult phase of my life?

Of course, many will say… yeah but it’s biology and there’s nothing that can be done! 🤨

Yes, correct it is biology 🧬 but let’s be honest with ourselves and go back to the three questions I asked above!!

It’s not about blaming ourselves! It’s really about awareness, education and practice!!

No Excuses, Just Action! 💪💪

Therefore, I’ve put myself on a 30 day challenge to move myself to the next level!!

No excuses! Just action!! 💪💪

The picture below is my visualization helping me stay focused on my goals!!

If you wanna join me, comment below and let’s do this… 💪💪

Optimize your Emotional Intelligence and experience more…

  •  Personal Growth & Development
  • Optimal Health & Wellness
  • Fulfilling Relationships
  • Purposeful & Prosperous Career
  • Spiritual Connection to Self & Others
  • Overall Balance & Peace of Mind…