Crazy Strategy Sessions™

I’m here to be a friend, confidant, and a trusted advisor in times of need! Book a call with me!

Each Ei-EQ Strategy Session is a dedicated time for you to help create your BEST LIFE!

The price for your Initial Crazy Strategy Session™ is $25 (paid when booking below) this session is 60 minutes.


1. If this is your first time booking a Crazy Strategy Session™ please complete the EQ Assessment prior to your session so we have your results to review

2. Make Your Payment

3. Choose the date and time for your Session

4. You will receive an conformation email. If you do not, you did not complete the process


This payment option is ONLY for special circumstances.
Please do not use unless instructed. 🌻

I fully understand that I am entering into a strategy session with Alla Esther Levy, EIS, MSH at my own risk and volition. I take full responsibility for any actions and decisions I will make based on this session. I understand that any of these suggestions that I am being provided are for my well being and self development as per why I requested a strategy session in the first place. I fully understand that Alla Esther Levy, EIS, MSH is NOT a Licensed Therapist. Therefore, any actions taken based on this session were strictly made by my own freewill and choice.

Please Note:
Each review call is very important and dear to me. I request that you please be mindful of your time and mine. If you wish to cancel or need to reschedule your booking, please do so within 24-48 hours by either clicking the Cancel/Reschedule link in your confirmation email or emailing me if the booking is less than 24 hours at THERE IS NO RESCHEDULING FOR NO SHOWS!

What do we do during these Crazy Strategy Sessions??

  • In your initial Strategy Session we will review your EQ assessment results, identify all your goals and desires. Plus, discuss how Ei-EQ can best be used on your journey in this crazy thing called Life!

  • All follow up strategy sessions are based on your progress towards your goals using customized EQ tools that are based on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual elements so you can become a Transformer going from RC to PC achieving your GREATEST LIFE! 

If you wish to connect with Esther regarding any other service or general questions please email us at

Looking forward to connecting with you soon! 🎉